A Fizzy Fork for The Manifesto

The infrastructure supporting the recursive self publication of The Web3 Fashion Manifesto just got a major upgrade!

You can now explore and collect the pages of it online as an interactive zine. Start here!

It’s an open source fork from the DIGITALAX DIGIFIZZY Metaverse Magazine repo and was hand crafted and customised directly by F₃M… with cypher mobile magic from James Lin— a Metaverse engineering wizardddd! 🥰🙊🧞

Each NFT also links directly to a sub-folder on the F₃M CC0 Materials Github repo where you can directly download, use, derive and amplify all of the materials involved in producing that NFT.

This interface upgrade gives more depth to the ways that you can access and absorb the tools and materials most essential for self sovereign production, seizing the right to perpetuate the means and memes of wealth creation and to counter the supply lines of centralisers attempting to choke off our ways forward.



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Rally flag for the entire web3 fashion movement. Web3 Fashion Manifesto.