Letters to a Young VC

It’s about rebasing with where the money comes from and how anyone pioneering these new markets can begin to create and circulate wealth that is independent of debt and centralised control.

It might sound impossible or a long way off. But the truth of the matter is that these mechanisms are already live today and being directly used by F₃M— it’s just a shame that so much of the market fails to recognise this, too busy trying to keep the musical chairs going.

Letters to a Young VC is a collection of letters encompassing simple insights and recognition of foundational shifts that any bright minds trapped within the old norms of a VC mindset can use to break free, whether they are just starting their journey or reflecting back on what they wish someone had told them in their early days.

These letters will also be turned into fashion pieces, with the stories and insights that they share becoming patches and materials on physical and digital garment collections that will be released as NFTs in the market.

It’s a sub-component to the Web3 Fashion Manifesto and highlighting continued decentralisation of the capital stack.



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