My Pocket Empire: Revoked | F₃M Game Release

My Pocket Empire: Revoked.

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Cryptic messages deciphered through fighting, running, gathering, in a portal shock gate jumping world.

Collect and unravel the keys to regain the lost empire. Discover and survive in a bitter-sweet and closely connected world of unpredictable adversity and challengers. Become one of the many world’s most legendary sovereigns.

It’s a pixelated microverse that evolves with players over time, and will make its debut within the Indie Modder’s Guild and ESPA Casual Esports tournaments soon!

It’s all developed in-house by hand and entirely CC0. Including all sprites and assets! You can download the assets here.

The game will switch between a platformer, runner, RPG elements and multiplayer fighters, all with web3 connect and associated collectible and utility based NFTs.

Meet Aro.

The inaugural lead character of My Pocket Empire, alongside her trustable and loveable foxy friend— Mr. Fox.

She’s a brave, loyal fighter that has been summoned to regain access to their own personal empire, cut off from time.

More characters to be revealed soon!



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