The Story Behind F₃M | Inverted and Flipped

F₃M— where does it come from and what does it mean?

Well, it’s the culmination of a few different major influences swirling about, and it traces all of the way back to the earliest histories and our relationship with textile production.

Because of a quirk in social psychology—story, style, and status drive sales far more than utility.

Except when that utility is overwhelming and necessary. Even then it must be wrapped in something exciting and different to really sell like the special experience it is.

Web3 fashion magnifies our power and potential to the max. It’s a revolutionary arms race in style.

From our earliest days as a species we have gathered together in tribes, and struck out on our own into the wild unknown.

And TLDR it’s not the one you are thinking of, we already had that one figured out without any extra help. 😳

  • Fire
  • Food
  • (Fabric)ation

Ultimately, from cloth sacks to the threads of a wick, textiles are the literal connective thread between each of these 3 Fs.

So why an F 3 Manifesto?

Because, humanity needs to return to its greatest inheritance and most radical routes, in order to seize the opportunity to advance far beyond the dispiriting constraints we have all grown up within these systems of central control. It is time to break out of our cages by using the greatest power tools for self enhancement that we have ever had.

Tools so intimate, we wear them everywhere that we are— from IRL to the metaverse, and every liminal space in between.

Everyone needs protection from the elements, connection to each other, and power tools. Far more than style and status alone, that’s what web3 fashion creates for you, even when it sits passive collecting interest and attraction in your bags.

It’s also deeply personal for me.

Where I trace my own path into mechanical and space engineering as coming up through F1 and F3, where I was the youngest female to ever join the University of Sydney’s FSAE team.

I worked on the carbon fibre shell for the nose cone and also designed and made the team shirts 😆👻

It’s super cool that carbon fibre production is literal textile fabrication again.

In fact, the way that textile fabrication can be traced to the most central component of every most advanced technology that we use, is really the most important part of these influences.

There are some exciting updates for F₃M to come over the next days, including the start of the Discord community, the first Realm community call, the first F₃M fashion collection release, and more information as the paths open up to the formation of a DAO.



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